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I have been fitting hearing aids for over 30 years.What to Expect from your New Hearing Aids...
Being fit with new digital hearing aids will bring about many new experiences. It is important for you to know what to expect...
What to expect...
• The hearing aids are free from feedback under normal use conditions. If feedback occurs, adjustments will be made to minimize these occurrences.
• The hearing aids are physically comfortable to wear. With the new laser technonlogy use to make custom hearing aids and ear molds, the fit is fantastic!
• The hearing aids improve the ability to hear soft and conversational levels of speech in quiet environments.
• The hearing aids are comfortable to wear in louder, noisier environments.

The hearing aids function on a daily basis and, if they are not working, repairs will be completed in a timely manner.
We know that hearing loss creates many communication difficulties. We will solve all of your major challenges. Everyone’s hearing loss is different and, for some, the damage is so great that certain situations will always pose a challenge even with the best devices. Improving your ability to communicate in challenging situations will form the basis of what we do for you. We call these focus points Potential Benefits. The ability to meet these goals will vary depending on the specific nature of your hearing loss, the communication environments that you visit and the level of technology in your hearing aids.
Potential Benefits would include...
• The hearing aids will allow you to better understand speech in complex, noisy situation.
• The hearing aids will improve your ability to separate the various sources of sound in your environment and focus on the sounds in which you are most interested..
• The hearing aids will improve your ability to understand speech from electronic sources such as telephones, television, etc.
• The higher the level of technology in your hearing aids, the greater the chances of improved performance in challenging situations.
Hearing aids helped my game by giving me more confidence. "I don't know what I was waiting for. 
All I needed 
little boost"! 

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