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Hearing Aids, Bluetooth Technology and Remote Controls

You have probably heard the term Bluetooth, but what does it mean for hearing aid technology? Bluetooth is a way to transmit sound from one source (like a TV, stereo, cell phone, etc...) to a receiver (your hearing aids for example) in a very efficient manner.
Using Bluetooth we can now direct the sounds from your TV, stereo or telephone directly to your hearing aids. This new technology gives you the ability to hear the TV, the telephone and any other audio source like you have never been able to before.

Remote Controls. Most all advanced and premium hearing instruments have a remote control available. Depending on the type, style and manufacturer of the hearing instruments, the remote may allow you to not only change volume up and down, but also allow you to change listening programs that have been pre-set for various listening situations. Many of the remotes also act as an interface for streaming audio (like your telephone, TV, stereo, i-pod, computer or any other audio source you choose) directly into your hearing aids.

These systems are easy to use and work great! Please make an appointment to learn more about all the advantages that these technologies have to offer.

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